Transforma X

LE 3,306.00


Transforma X is the first Travel/Gym with exceptional features that don’t exist in any other bag in the world.

It’s the only one in the backpack category with an Integrated weight scale to measure the weight of the bag in a few seconds, it also contains different compartments and pockets for almost every purpose. Such as shoe, laptop, cables compartments, heat insulated pocket for food and drinks and more than 20 extra pockets for every uses and needs.

The bag can also be equipped with a 10,000 mAH solar power bank that can be used for charging electronics as phones and tablets on the go, this power bank doubles as a flashlight if needed.

Not only that, Transforma is the first bag in the world equipped with a UV-C/Ozone device that can kill bacteria and remove germs and bad odor of your clothes and shoes, It’s a patented technology in the united states and 100% made by Egyptian engineers.

Transforma is being sold only through pre-orders with a discount 50% off retail price, if you want to get your own Transforma X, . Money will be collected through our representative and a receipt will be handed to the customer till the delivery date.   

Bag’s Price:

Transforma with the integrated weight scale: 3360 LE

Power Bank: 400 LE

Ozone/UV-Light purification device: 1000 LE

*Shipping costs included

You can order the bag separately or add the power bank and the ozone device to your order.

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