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Are you browsing the men's sportswear collection on the internet and hitting the pavement? With the surfeit of choice available out there, it becomes daunting to make the right choice. Many websites tout their sportswear performance, lightweight, durability, and other capabilities; there are various things to keep in mind while purchasing.

Every man has a different opinion when it comes to men's sportswear. However, comfort is one common thing on everybody's checklist. And what depicts comfort more than moisture-wicking and bacti-rep technology sportswear for men? Here are the top sports shorts for men with bacti-rep technology:

  • Maverik Basic Shorts
  • While sweating on the treadmill or basketball court, there is nothing better than breathable and moisture-wicking Marverik shorts. These shorts are engineered with Bacti-rep technology that prevents bacteria and foul odor growth. Bacteria breed where there is moisture, and sweat is a common outcome during physical activities. Therefore, it is perfect to wear athleisure that is not just comfortable but also protective. Moreover, these shorts come with an inner liner where you safely keep your belongings, such as your wallet, car keys, and mobile phones.


  • Lightweight 9 inches shorts
  • Every man needs a comfortable pair of shorts for and after daily workout sessions. What if you get both in one piece? Yes, these lightweight shorts are great for physical activities and running everyday errands. They add comfort and style to your look. With these breathable shorts, you will not feel any moisture during your workout, and its convenient design makes you stand out from the crowd in a supermarket. Make head turns while hitting the gym wearing these 9-inch long shorts. 

  • Skydiver Shorts
  • If you are more health conscious, you might be a picky shopper who dives into the product details and specifications. For picky people like you, these shorts with Bacti-rep technology are knitted. They are perfect for you as they protect you from bacterial infections and keep you dry during your workout session. Even if you are going on the mud field to play, you should not worry about bacterial growth wearing these skydiver shorts. They will keep you safe and comfy all day. 

  • Forget Me, Not Maverik Short
  • Another great addition to the Bacti-rep sportswear line is these Forget Me Not Marverik Shorts. These are known for their unique style pockets in the inner tights and great palette of colors. Don't worry about smelling oddly during exercises; these shorts have moisture-wicking capability that doesn't let your sweat come in the middle of your workout sessions. Get yourself a pair of these and experience how the lightweight, thin and breathable material feels against your skin. 

    The Takeaway

    Athleisure is not only about wearing comfortable and stylish clothes. And it is about self-protection too. Nowadays, antimicrobial fabrics are used to make clothes that promote better health and longer shelf life. If you are looking for fashionable yet comfortable sports shorts for men, these are the best option on the market.

    نوفمبر 27, 2022 — Sigma Fit