With the commencement of the Eid and the summery Sahel season, people tend to inaugurate some amendments to their diets to purge their chubby bellies that ensued from the mouth-watering menus of Ramadan. To spare you the pain of surfing the internet for the know-hows, we bring you 5 golden tips that will help you revive your pre-Ramadan physique and attain your desired fitness goals.

1- Cardio Exercises

In order to cleanse your body from fats, cardio exercises are a must. Such workouts include, but not restricted to, rope jumps, jogs, runs and bicycling. In addition to their ease, such workouts can be performed anywhere and at any time, which won’t impose you to purchase a costly gym subscription nor extravagant sports accessories. All you got to do is get up off your couch and leave no room for procrastination!

2- Stay Hydrated

Regardless of your fitness goals, making a habit of drinking water on a regular basis is highly beneficial as it plays a major role in enhancing your brain function and boosting your energy levels. Additionally, several studies have proved that hydration can jack up your metabolism by 30%, especially when you precede your meals with a glass of water, so cherish your water bottle and hold on to it wherever you go and at all times.  

3- Cut Down Your Refined Carbs’ Intake

Naturally, carbohydrates are a substantial pillar in any robust regime due to the fact that during digestion, they’re broken down into glucose, which is the body’s main igniter and energy source. However, the improper consumption of such element won’t avail your dietary purposes as it will end you up gaining extra weight in addition to deteriorating your mood. Thus, make sure you cut down your daily intake of carbs to 100-150 grams and rely on vegetables and lean proteins as your alternate source of energy.  

4- Monitor The Calories You Consume

Calories are, indeed, the most eminent aspect of weight-loss diets as they could either make or break your program. To skinny down your figure, you have to keep an eye on your daily intake of calories so that you can burn more than you consume, and thankfully, several calculators are now up for grabs to inform you of the of nutritional facts of every meal. On a similar note, other online calculators can advise you on the proper number of calories you should feed on based on your measurements, which will significantly help you keep track of your bites.

5- Get Yourself Some Sleep

When talking diet, the first things that usually pop to one’s mind are the imageries of sweaty flushed faces and worn out exercisers who stood their ground and abstained from their cravings. However, most people tend to undermine the prominence of sleeping in the process of weight loss, which diminishes the outcomes of their quest towards a toned physique. Consequently, make sure you don’t stay up late and get yourself a good 8-hour sleep as it’ll have you score the utmost benefits of your workouts and majorly contribute to controlling your regime.

يوليو 20, 2018 — Sigma Fit