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Sigma-Fit Futuristic Reusable Mask (African)

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This mask Provides international safety measures and reduces dramatically the risk of infection.

Sigma-Fit state of art mask features THREE different layers with THREE different technologies.

  • Outer layer: made of liquid-repellent medical-grade fabric with international standards of 600 fibers / Inch.
  • Inner Layer: is made of lint-free nylon & prima special fabric with anti smell properties.
  • Middle Layer: is made with a multi-fiber fabric for extra protection and better air filtration efficiency.

- Permeability low to 3 microns.

- Treated with nanotechnology to repel liquids and splashes

- Washable up to 50 times.

-Expandable design that fits all faces with double elastic bands 


-Washing and Care instructions.

 Wash The Mask before the first use.
– Wash the Mask after every use.
Always sanitize your hands before using the mask.

Always sanitize your hands after using the mask.


This mask is designed is to protect from virus spread and certified from multiple international labs, But Sigma-Fit Advice is to always practice social distancing and wash your hands every time you wear it or take it off.


Stay Safe. 

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