The evolution of activewear is commendable. Over the years, fashion enthusiasts have experimented with a wide variety of sportswear, and running shorts are one of them. Undoubtedly, there’s no one universal pair for everyone, but there are dozens of options to choose from. Breathability is the key to working out and among men’s sportswear sports shorts are probably one of the best alternatives you can choose to be comfortable and stylish.

While shorts are a modern twist to traditional workout wear, some people are confused when it comes to picking the right sports shorts. Searching for some inspiration to shop for the best workout shorts? Here is a guide from our fashion experts. Dive in before you go scrambling through the retail shelves!


White Maverik Basic Shorts

One of the most basic colors, White Maverik Shorts can be your workwear staple. Whether you love lifting weights at the gym, running, or doing other athletic activities, these shorts can give you a refined and casual look that can escalate your style quotient to new levels.


Black Maverik Basic Shorts

Do you love edgy aesthetics that can render incomparable comfort? Are you a fan of monochrome hues that define your personality in a subtle light? Then black is your workout spirit. You can get the Black Maverik Basic Shorts and sweat it out at the gym. Black contrasts every color beautifully, and the best part is it can complement any sneaker seamlessly without any setbacks.


Navy Back to Basics Shorts

Stuck between black and other colors? We would suggest blue to be your safest bet. The best part about navy blue shorts is they can make you feel comfortable and chic. Besides, blue is known as the color of sophistication in different fashion languages. So, you can rest assured to look classy and swanky while you sweat it out in your gym or at your home.



Pale Aqua Maverik Basic Short

If you are one of those men who don’t hate a dab of colors every once in a while, the pale aqua Maverik basic shorts can be your choice. You can get these shorts to jump, run, play games, or stretch, and you can look trendy as well as dapper. Also, as the shorts are embedded with acti-dri and anti-bacterial technology, you can wear them without thinking about irritation or odor.  


Finding the right pair of sports shorts for men is immensely crucial. While most guys shop for shorts that they can sweat in, getting the right gym clothing is imperative. With workout attires growing more activity-specific and innovative, there are a lot of variables to consider. Browse through the running sports shorts collection for men at Sigma Fit. There is an impressive 50% discount, and the variety is astounding. So, you get to shop for the best quality fitness gear while you don’t blow a hole in your pocket.

August 28, 2022 — Sigma Fit