Do you focus more on comfort or fashion when it comes to workout attire? Many of us occupy a midway ground. Some prefer basic crop tops and double coloured joggers, whereas others love an oversized tee with liner or springy joggers. Irrespective of whether you love sleeveless crop tops or you prefer to flaunt a flair t shirt like a stunner, striking the perfect balance between relaxed fit and athleisure is imperative for optimum performance. 

According to a study, there is a connection between our clothing choices, performance, motivation, and even risk of injury. To help you understand the role of the right activewear on workout performance, here are some benefits of the right sportswear listed by our experts.

It can guard against injury:

When you work out frequently, it's crucial to dress appropriately. Lack of proper sports gear, particularly clothing, is a major cause of many sports-related accidents. Instead of opting for any casual t-shirt or trouser from your closet, professionally designed athleisure wear can offer sufficient defense against impact, strain, or overheating.

We advise purchasing high-quality sportswear. Workout essentials like kick-back trousers or liner joggers can boost power, endurance, and recovery by increasing blood flow to the heart, reducing fatigue and soreness by controlling lactic acid accumulation, supplying vital oxygen to active muscles, and reducing fatigue and soreness.

It regulates and manages body temperature. 

After a rigorous workout at the gym, you'll be glad you didn't wear that old cotton top because cotton easily absorbs perspiration and holds moisture, leaving you feeling heavy and damp. Choose fabrics or mesh t-shirts that are thin, breathable, and sweat-wicking to help you stay dry and comfortable.

Enhanced performance

You've probably heard the saying "dress for success," and this can be applied to your gym attire as well. High-end, tech-embedded fabrics enhance performance by collaborating with the body and withstanding the rigors of rigorous exercise to keep you at your peak. Comfort is crucial once more for enhanced performance. You should choose workout attire that is specifically made for the activity you have selected. If you tend to perspire a lot, search for materials that drain sweat away from the skin and look for Acti-dri/Anti-bacterial technology, which is made to prevent bacterial growth and keep you feeling fresh.

You won't face any limitations

Active gear made of lightweight materials and with thoughtful design can fit you like a second skin when you exercise. You can focus completely on the task at hand and work out to the best of your ability when you workout in comfortable gym clothes. It's crucial to wear clothes that allow a complete range of motion, so pay particular attention to the design and fit when selecting exercise apparel. 



Irrespective of whether you are into cardio or prefer yoga or weightlifting, inculcating technology in your workout attire is the key to looking and feeling different. Ensure to opt for workout clothes embedded with attributes like heat-lock technology, hydrophobic functions, and anti-bacterial/ viral features. The choice of the fabric is crucial, and so is the fit. So, pick wisely.

September 28, 2022 — Sigma Fit