Fabric technology? What does it mean? Is it important?

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  • Introduction
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  • The Compression Technology
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Technology is not just a regular word to be mentioned in any conversation and then be forgotten, it’s way more precious than that.

The word technology has such a huge impact on everything around us nowadays.

You can never look at any side or any direction in our life without noticing something technological, such as electric cars, cars working directly from the power of the great Sun, robots leading the way, etc.

The world stood up in shock once the smartwatches started to be released by scientists and people with a technological background and experience.

Smart Fabric technology

Smart fabric technology

The same thing happened once the concept of the smart fabric started to spread among the athletes and normal people as well.

Everyone was eager to try these smart fabrics and these high-tech fabrics on and experience them in their daily workout routines.

This technology has been planted in our everyday wearables. Then sportswear industry has been immersed with technological fabrics that help athletes come over every day’s obstacles.

Different kinds of technology are being used, like Anti-bacterial technology, acti-dri technology, hydrophobic technology, compression technology, and lots of other technologies that became unavoidable nowadays.

One of these technologies is compression technology...

The Compression Technology

This technology was basically used by doctors to treat different circulatory conditions, such as lymphedema, post-surgery swelling, and deep vein thrombosis.

From that direction, the sports industry has taken full inspiration from these kinds of treatments and that drove the sports industry to apply such technology to the athletes’ smart fabrics in their everyday workout routine.

The sports industry decided to give it a shot and spread the compression technology to the wearables worn by athletes, as it improves both performance and recovery in a range of ways.

A huge improvement in the blood flow has been noticed, including both the delivery of blood to the exercising muscle and the return of blood back to the heart.

Each technology has its own impact on the fabrics worn by athletes.

For instance, anti-bacterial technology helps in healing the whole process of sweat and odor.

It helps our athletes work out freely with full energy and maximum power without showing any signs of sweat and bad smells.

That makes the workout routine more enjoyable and even more productive.

It never even stops at that, but it helps you in going out after a hard day of a workout without any signs of fatigue or exerting too much effort while exercising, and that makes you always look fresh, cool, and neat, and that is due to its high-tech fabrics features.

Our smart fabrics are well saturated with an acti-dri technology, where it helps in circulating all the heat released from your body during the whole process of working out and transferring it into a fresh and cold sensation.

Smart fabric technology

That helps you exert more effort without suffering, and not just that, it easily maintains a great look right after a hard day of workout.

High Tech Fabric


With the high-tech fabrics, we have cut a long way to offering passion and grit inside the gym and neatness and tidiness outside the gym as well.

Getting to choose your garments and wearables nowadays is not a hard thing to get by any means possible.

Looking around and finding all these technological varieties is such a humane blessing and gift.

That makes our life a lot easier to process lots of hopes and dreams.

The high-tech fabric became a well know definition for achieving the balance needed by athletes for the time being.

The balance that seeks comfort and helps in getting all the best out of you during the workout routine and what comes after as well.

When all is said and done, technology has reached an inescapable need and demand for everyday activities.

It becomes inevitable for the progress sought by big industries nowadays, especially the sportswear industry.

December 13, 2021 — Sigma Fit