Has yoga changed your life for good? It’s pretty possible since almost everyone who practices yoga has been affected positively in some noticeable way by its transformative power. Maybe you get to feel better in your body. Perhaps you have experienced some tangible changes that come with great benefits in your life, your relationships, and your worldview. But because these changes often take place over time, as part of a subtle and organic process, it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about yoga that really helps you to live a better life.

Yoga and meditation are well known for their power to elevate body strength through a spiritual daily exercise routine. Yoga is not just a body practice concept, but it’s a mind practicing concept as well. various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. A regular yoga exercise could easily maintain a huge amount of body improvement when it comes to endurance, strength, power, flexibility, tranquility, and well-being.

Let’s go a bit deeper into the philosophy presented by yoga. The philosophy of yoga is to mainly connect your body to what your mind wants it to do. There are different paths to get a huge impact on your body, mind, and spirit. Each path has its own features that really matter if you are seeking comfort and relaxation. Let’s put an eye on what are these paths and what are their characteristics.

  • Hatha yoga: this is the physical and mental path that aims to prime the body and mind.
  • Raja yoga: this path goes for elevating the meditation sensations and strict adherence to a series of disciplinary steps known as the eight limbs of yoga.
  • Karma yoga: aims to create a future that is clear of negativity and selfishness.
  • Bhakti yoga: establish a path of devotion, a positive way to channel emotions, and cultivate acceptance and tolerance.
  • Jnana yoga: this path goes enhancing the wisdom, the path of scholar, and developing the intellect through study.
  • Tantra yoga: a path for ritual, ceremony, or consumption of a relationship.


    A lot of people try to fetch for a proper yoga exercise routine, most of them don’t know how to start or from where to begin. There are numerous classes for yoga and every class has an eye on specific benefits, nothing random happens in yoga. In yoga, you can find some variances such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, Sivananda, power yoga, vinyasa, Bikram, yin yoga, Anusara, and a lot more to count. Some styles are more vigorous than others, while some may have a different area of emphasis, such as posture or breathing. No style is necessarily better or more authentic than any other. The key is to choose a certain exercise that suits your fitness level.

    To sum up, why don’t you start a new chapter in your life with the new year coming ahead? Let’s make this new year with better health and a peaceful lifestyle. Your resolution could also bring happiness to your loved ones around you. The tranquility and relaxed state of mind that everyone gets to experience just right after a yoga class will be more than helpful and beneficial in thinking straight and clearly, and getting your priorities right. In addition to these benefits, the regular practice of yoga can also lead to a spiritual awakening irrespective of tradition, or religion, thereby helping you find a deeper meaning to your life.


    January 17, 2022 — Sigma Fit